Brick Cleaning


'London Smog'

Brickclean is what we are called and is what we originally started doing.

The air in London before the 1950’s clean-up was smoky, sooty and toxic. In cold, windless weather it all combined to form the infamous London ‘pee-soup’ or smog.

This caused poor visibility, rampant chest infections and pollution, staining the capital’s brick and stone work fabric.

Victorian London was built largely of 3 different brick types or a combination of these as seen below:

  • Bright Yellow London Stock
  • Soft Red Rubbers
  • Pale Yellow 'Gaults'

Time and pollution has had a different effect on each type but all 3 can be made to look as new.


Acid Cleaning of Brick Work
This is a Grade II listed building and the architects were very cautious about the strength of the acid mix, the style and colouring of the pointing and the matching of the 28 brick replacements made on the front elevation. After doing a couple of test patches, we met all their specifications.

Design Awards 2011
'Commended Contractors'